About Sentaku

Sentaku is a python library that allows objects to dynamically choose their implementation. Sentaku is the Japanese word for choice.

With Sentaku it is possible to describe the Elements of the Applocations you interact with and the actions/attributes they have. Sentaku takes care of chosing the impliementation of the Actions/Attributes.


pip install sentaku

Use cases

A common use for such a system is Testing Various layers of an application with the same code, as well as using different Layers of an Application for Setup/Teardown and for concise acceptance-tests.

A typical use case is Testing your modern html5 application. Such an application usually consists of different layers.

  1. the internal backend api
  2. a rest api
  3. a rich fronend
  4. apis that directly interact with other services the application uses

When doing test setup/teardown it is desirable to run against the fast backend api or rest API, while when running the actual acceptance/system tests it is more desirable to run against the rich user interface or the rest API